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Terms & Policies

Coaching Agreement and Policies

Please read carefully and submit the form below stating you've read and agree with these terms.
Refund Policy and Confidentiality
Refund Policy

This purchase is non-refundable. Please feel ready to fully commit before purchasing.


I treat my clients with complete confidentiality. Nothing from our time together will be shared on any platform. None of your information will be shared including the fact that you are working with me. From time to time clients choose to leave testimonials and summarize their experience but I will never share anything we have discussed.


Scheduling, Cancellation and Legal Disclaimer



Every session is scheduled in advance. Most of my programs work with a weekly coaching session. If you need to change your appointment, I require 24 hrs notice.

Legal Disclaimer

I'm a Martha Beck Life Coach, not a therapist or doctor. In the event that I feel a therapist might be a better fit for what a client is experiencing I will make that suggestion and refund any unused sessions. I am here to support you fully! And sometimes that means referring you to the people who have the skills to be able to help your unique situation. I work in conjunction to therapists, many of my clients choose to see a therapist as well as hire me to coaching them. Most find it's very complementary and helpful.

About Coaching and Your Responsibilities


About Coaching:

Unless otherwise stated, your sessions will be 60 minutes. Sessions can run over and I always leave a buffer but plan on 60 minutes. Sometime coaching can unearth discomfort. It's my philosophy that that is ok, to change we have to stretch outside our comfort zone. I provide email support during our sessions for this very reason and there is always an opportunity to schedule an extra midweek session at a reduced rate.

About Your Responsibilities:

1. I understand that Coaching is not therapy. I agree to seek these or other professional services, if needed.

2. I am willing to show up each week and be vulnerable,honest and open.

3. I agree to take care of myself during my coaching sessions, I may require extra sleep, quiet time, water and support.

4. I shall in no way hold the coach liable or responsible for any actions I take during or after this coaching relationship.

5 I understand that Angela Widenmaier makes no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, about any results to be achieved. Coaching is not a 10 steps to 10lbs lost type of program. Rather its an uncovering of what wants to be seen and heard from deep in your body and self.

7. By signing below, I acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to review this agreement, that I understand all aspects within it, and I agree to abide by it.

Please sign below and return before our first appointment. If there are any questions email

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