Stop Self Sabotage

If you hold a subconscious belief or even a pattern of beliefs you will pull the plug on your dreams every time without really knowing why.
Because the why is repressed. It's in the shadow of your awareness.

An example of how this presents itself could look like wanting to lose weight, putting in a lot of effort, but binge eating late at night, when your not even really that hungry.

Everything in your conscious brain will tell you that you want to lose weight but it's what you believe subconsciously that can be the determining factor.

After some detective work we unearth the patterns, the whys and the beliefs that are holding this pattern in place and recreating it over and over again. The body does this not to punish you but to keep you safe.  What it doesn't know is that you are safe and able to move forward.  Once we can shine the light of awareness on those hidden parts the energy begins to move and the shifting can happen. 

Another example of how this appears is you really want to meet the guy of your dreams but it seems like the guys you are into aren't into you. They show a bit of interest and then ghost leaving you wondering where you fall short.

I see this one most frequently because our subconscious uses relationships to highlight our deepest fears.  Again this is not to hurt you but to show you something that needs healing.  We start asking better questions, we use the body's wisdom to release some of the hidden stuff that attracting unwanted experiences and we meet everything with deep compassion and acceptance.

When we create subconsciously beliefs and then bury them away because they are painful, they get locked in our operating system the same way a malware program does on a computer, running in the background without your knowledge but wreaking havoc with your results.

This is self sabotage.

One part of you wants something good for yourself but another hidden part of you believes you aren't good enough, it's not safe, you aren't smart enough, and it blocks the good thing you are trying to bring into your life.

This is a function of the brain to protect us from being unsafe or feeling really bad.

Once we look at the pattern of sabotage and do some detective work, it's like a bright light shines through the fog and the pattern can be seen.

Like most things hidden in the dark, once we shine the light of awareness on them, and process them by allowing ourselves to awknowledge and feel them, they begin to shift. It's not a matter of more willpower or some failure in yourself, it's that your subconscious brain and conscious brain have opposite agendas.

These patterns are trying to get your awareness by happening over and over again. That is the first big clue that you running one of these programs. It keeps happening! Different guy, same situation, different boss, same situation, increased pay, same amount of debt.

If you are ready to invest in yourself to tackle this goal in a different way, a way that sees the iceberg below the water level not just what's visible above the water, then this program is for you.

Who this program is for

If you are sick and tired of being stuck. Trying every and all actions available to you only to have the exact same results.

If you are willing to invest and advocate for yourself and your best life. 100% committed.

If you are 100% over this pattern but worries that it will never heal this program is for you.

If you can let go of urgency and get curious.  If you want freedom from the pattern more than a specific outcome. When we attach to a specific outcome it can block what is trying to come into our lives. Shifting and receiving can be blocked by rigid thinking.

If you are willing to be vulnerable. Courage is being scared and showing up anyway.

This program is not for someone who isn't ready to be vulnerable.  Without vulnerability its like a wall that the light of awareness can't see past. If you aren't ready to go there then I'd recommend my personal power program to begin with.  That program builds a foundation of self approval and care that supports the deep dive of stop self sabotage

How this 8-week program works
  • You'll have 8 one on one coaching sessions to be scheduled weekly with 2 extra sessions to be book when needed
  • You WILL have support as you get brave and go deep.
  • Exercises and activities designed to look below the surface
  • Instructions on how to process the emotions that surface with  identifying the subconscious program
  • Support as you take action steps towards your goal with new knowledge of what's really holding you back
  • Email support during the 8 weeks
Investment: CAD 1200

This is my most intensive program. It's designed to shift you mentally and energetically.

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Before booking your session, pleas read my Coaching Agreement & Policies here (this link will open in a new tab). Then send the agreement & come back to this page to schedule your session. 

What People are Saying

Angela has this amazing ability to be fully present and hold a sacred space that I felt like I could unfurl in and finally get to the bottom of some lifelong foundational cracks I’d been skating over for years. But here’s the kicker, it wasn’t an awful experience to delve in and shine a light on some old painful stuff. It was emotional yes, but Angela’s coaching has an element of calm and softness which meant shining a light on old thought patterns was liberating, not frightening. I would recommend Angela to anyone who is ready for a deep dive and wants to be expertly supported throughout the experience.

Renee Ballard

If you've been afraid to talk about your issues with someone because you're afraid that if you "go there" you'll fall apart, Angela is the one to do it with. She has the ability to support you every step of the way - starting from where you are now through to healing and then creating what you want in your life.

Angela will have you seeing things in a whole new light. She brings the clarity! You'll finally be able to uncover the root of your issues and see the path forward to breaking free of them. Then she'll help you walk that path to reclaim your personal power. No more being stuck or feeling like a victim of life!

Angela is very empathetic, patient, and extremely intuitive. You will finally feel heard, understood, and have a space to express yourself and work through what's been holding you back from the life you want.

Sara L. Young

Angela, you have so found your calling. You made an incredible positive difference in my life in just 2 sessions. I'm excited to see where this journey takes you. You are a true healer.

Sarah Acuri

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Before booking your session, pleas read my Coaching Agreement & Policies here (this link will open in a new tab). Then send the agreement & come back to this page to schedule your session. 

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