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Snake oil salesmen and how to spot em..

When I was a little kid there was a common evil character on TV of the snake oil salesmen.  The  guy who rolled up into town selling a magic elixir that would cure everything.  There was always someone in the audience who was the first who stepped up and claimed to be cured.  After that  people would rush in to buy the elixir in a frenzied crowd and of course find out that the elixir did not live up to the promises that were made.

It’s an archetypal pattern that I believe plays out in the world over and over again.

I remember when I went to see Tony Robbins.  There were a bunch of presenters that came before Tony did and they all had one thing in common.  If you bought their product you would have unbelievable results, from the guy selling a method to turn 5 thousand dollars into millions, to the women selling a diet plan that would leave you in the most amazing body, beyond what you could imagine and fast!

All of these people’s sales pitches felt like snake oil to me.  Their pitches were designed to make you feel that uncomfortable feeling of they have something I don’t, I’m missing out…I watched as people literally got out of their seat and started running, they RAN to sign up for a program that was going to make them rich because it was going to SELL OUT. (that was being blasted out from the stage) Fast forward to end of this man’s pitch to when the product dropped in price by thousands and there was no limit of spots. I could feel the shadow energy at work so strongly I had to leave the room, go outside and breathe fresh air.  It was like a cloying scent that takes over a room. Its designed to make you feel that way.  IT takes your prefrontal cortex (reasoning) off line and targets your limbic system (lack, fight or flight) so that you make snap decisions.

Its manipulation and you need to learn how to spot it.  What these people are doing is hitting your shadow side and lack button.  They always have a secret, a method, a formula that will deliver amazing results and its always limited in supply and it’s always on sale now… or selling out!!

Unfortunately this can also happen in the coaching world.

I myself have been taken in by the “unbelievable results” and only 1 spot marketing ploy.  And what I got from that experience was NOT the amazing results but a really clear idea of the lack in me that was open to exploitation. What I got was a clear understanding that while living and choosing from a state of lack(one spot left, I want what she has!)  I would attract people who could exploit me through this shadow side.  But in the long run it has helped me develop a deep intuition of how to navigate these triggers and I’ll share some of what I have learned.

  1.  That program will come back around.  That offer, if it is real does not require you to sign up on the spot.  If you have to buy today to get a price, be wary.  You will lose more money this way than if you take your time, do your due diligence and pay a bit more for the program.  In the end when you don’t spend where you were triggered to spend out of fear or lack, you will save time and money.  You will choose out of knowing instead of fear. There is right timing so if the program starts in 2 weeks and you feel like it is meant for you but you aren’t ready to start in 2 weeks trust it will open again. Most of the coaching programs people offer are offered more than once.  Trust in “right timing”
  2. Only 1 spot left can be made up.  I took a coaching marketing and mentoring program where participants encouraged other participants to say only 1 spot left when really only 1 spot had been sold.  They were specifically trying to create a feeling of lack and urgency to get you to commit.  And a lot of coaches think this is good business.  I personally have seen the one spot left advertisement and then shown up to the event only to see many open spots and never trust that coach/instructor again. Never make a decision because the 1 spot triggered the “i might miss out” feeling.  Be willing to miss out.  Be more invested in making right choices based on trust.
  3. IF something is meant for you, there will be a way.  To illustrate this I use 2 personal examples.  I recently was thinking of taking Reiki training and I drug my heals in making the decision. When I finally sent the instructor an email to register he emailed me back and mentioned how the class had been full but someone had just withdrawn ten minutes before I emailed to join.  Another time I was invited to amazing workshop by a friend who had an opening.  IT was already paid for, I just had to pay for flight and hotel. (this workshop would have been way out of my budget) and when I attended it was one of the most transformational of my life.  Things that are meant for you will find a way to you.  Which brings me to #4
  4. If it costs more than you know deep down you can afford, it’s not for you.  I truly believe you are not meant to go bankrupt or go into deep debt to follow your calling and that voice that pulls you on your soul path.  If someone tells you that you have to show a big commitment and find a way or you aren’t invested, it’s not for you. If someone tells you the money will magically appear after you sign up be WARY….  Usually how it looks is an amount you can handle plus a little bit.  Just enough to be a bit uncomfortable. Yes we have to commit energy (money) into something to receive. I do believe we are asked to trust and stretch but I do NOT believe we are  called to stretch to financially breaking. I do not believe spirit says if you buy today its half price.  That is marketing not a sign.  If you stop and ask Can I really afford this and you know, you KNOW you can’t then it isn’t the right thing for you.  Trust if you let go  something you CAN afford will show up.  It may not be the jet setting 5 star resort promising a-list options, it may show up in a more humble, affordable surroundings but it will have the exact energy and tools that you need. It will be meant for you. Letting go of what you know you can’t afford and opening up to something within your budget to appear, you open yourself to abundance. You switch from grasping and lack to trust and abundance. An abundance of ways that the tools can reach you.

Tune into your intuition.  What is the next step calling to you?  Can you hear it or is it lost in the more more more or this, wait maybe this, or that looks amazing, or everyone else is going… That is the mind and it will not lead you to your next best step, but your guidance system will.  Change the channel and tune in.

So what did I think of Tony Robbins?  Lets just say he was selling tickets to his 7 day power within program which ended up being on sale if you purchased today.

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