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I’m on my second round of a 29 day giving challenge and some interesting things happen over and over.  So for those of you that have no idea what a giving challenge is, let me explain.  For 29 days I am challenged with giving something (time, money, support, presence, donations, kind words, attention, you name it) to someone else.  The obvious challenges occur which are getting busy and forgetting, not knowing what to give, feeling like I don’t have anything revolutionary to offer, lack of inspiration, time and so on. What I didn’t expect to come up against were people who block giving because they can’t receive.

Today I stopped off at the bread store doing myself a little gift of picking up stuff that make kids lunches a lot easier when the lady beside me was explaining she forgot her debit card.  While I was telling the staff what I wanted I was listening to the lady beside me.  She was calling her husband to see if he could see the card at home.  Awesome!   I thought, here is a chance for me to meet today’s giving challenge spontaneously which is my favourite thing.  I love being a conduit that brightens a strangers day.

I quickly checked her total and it was all of $7.50.  When she asked the staff if they could set her bread to the side I stepped up and said oh let me buy that for you.  I’ve forgotten my card before so I know how you feel and I’m happy to cover it.

‘No no no, no she said and started shaking her head and backing away from the counter.  I can’t let you do that.  Thank you very much it’s fine, I live close by I’ll just walk home.”  Are you sure?  I said, I really don’t mind, its no big deal.  “oh no I can’t let you do that”

So I gotta tell you, this didn’t feel great.  I felt like I was offering something inappropriate and I felt foolish standing there with my debit card out.  “OK” I said because you can’t force kindness on people if they are determined to block it.  I watched her leave and then turned to my order to pay.  I was feeling embarrassed and a little stunned.

The clerk gave me my total and then said “I think what you tried to do was really kind so i’ve discounted your total by 25%.”  Thats how fast the energy of giving made it’s way back to me.  “thank you so much” I said and the clerk beamed. The embarrassment was gone and so was that horrible feeling of blocked energy, the rejection that I felt.

So here is what I’ve learned from my giving challenge;

  1. Giving and receiving are 2 sides of the SAME coin.  Blocking one side blocks the other side and therefore blocks you.  Feeling tired, overworked, underappreciated, taken for granted?  Ask yourself, where have I blocked receiving?  And if you want to go deeper, ask yourself why?  Why do I block kindness, supportive energy, help, and quite frankly love. That why is what stands between you and your dreams.
  2. When you write out in your journal or pray on your knees or even just daydream of all the good things you want to experience, you are calling receiving in.  I promise you that when you ask for support, that request is met and support is sent but usually in a smaller dose and a way you wouldn’t expect. Almost a tester dose to see if you can receive it.  How are you going to say yes to a miracle if you can’t say yes to $7.50?
  3. When you ask for abundance what usually comes up first is situations that make you feel uncomfortable so that you can SEE and EXPERIENCE what is between you and what you want to get. Another coach and I regularly set intentions and goals together only to have everything but what we ask for find us.  Sometimes we crack up at this sometimes it’s super frustrating but it is actually the only way you can really see what is holding you back.
  4. The energy of giving is met with receiving.  Sometimes when we are blocked in one area we can start the flow by moving to the other area.  So if you are feeling like you short on support, give support.  If you are short on money, give some money.  Start the process of flow. It doesn’t have to be big numbers big offers, you want to create energy that can start movement and flow.

I’m not sure what went through that women’s mind when I offered to pay for her bread.  I don’t know if she felt embarrassed, had a belief you don’t accept help from strangers, pride or what.  There was only me and her in the store.  Two women.  All I know is she blocked herself.  I saw her when I drove away, a couple blocks up walking home.  Sometimes its really up to us if we are going to do things the hard way.  But know that God/universe/source answers prayers through earth angels more often than not.  Its up to you if you open the door.




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