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Ready, Set, ACTION

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I think I am taking action when I am not.

What do I mean by this?

Well what I mean is that action is literally DOING something. Movement, something measurable. The definition of action is “something done or performed; act; deed”. Ok so here is the interesting part.

When we have a goal, or when we want to create something or when we want to change something – we need to act.

So far I’m sure you are thinking “Duh” but stay with me.

Thinking about it a lot – that is not action
Talking about it a lot – that is not action
Worrying about it – that is definitely not action
Taking a class -that is passive action

Don’t get me wrong i think the above activities are part of the process. But they are the Ready, Set part of the process. We have to get READY, we worry, we think, we talk. Usually in that order. Then we get SET, we get a book, we take a class. BUT then we wonder where our results are.

We haven’t actually taken ACTION. Action is calling the financial advisor, Action is creating a budget and then implementing it. Action is getting into the gym. Action is calling the friend you miss and inviting her for lunch and talk. Action is hiring the coach instead of worrying all the time.

Action is measurable. And it also creates feedback. Which is gold because then you can refine your action to get clearer results.

Let me give you an example. I was talking with my husband about this years Christmas plans. Basically they had fallen apart because no one had made a decision if they were committing to the suggestion of spending it in Banff and eating at the Banff springs. This stuff sells out. And it has.

One thing my husband said is “I should have followed up with my brother quicker” and I called him out on it. “what do you mean quicker. Quicker implies that you followed up but it was too late. You never even followed up at all” He was really surprised when i said this and it dawned on him. He had thought about following up with his brother, he had talked about it. His brain saw this as action in a sense. But he never actually picked up the phone. (I went and looked at hotels and the details and realized at this date, the plan wasn’t going to fly. Nobody had taken action to make it fly.)

Your brain will tell you that you have taken action. Why? Because it’s been busy… thinking, talking, worrying… But unless your body has picked up the phone, it’s all Ready, Set.

See he had thought about following up with his brother, he had thought about following up with his parents. But he never took action.

So where in your life are you not taking action? Where are you stuck at Ready, Set, and telling yourself it’s action. Its like getting dressed, grabbing your purse and your list but never getting in the card to actually run the errands.

Take a step. Make a move.

And if you are blocked, get coached. Sometimes there is a subconscious belief there that is the invisible barrier between you and action. If that’s the case then the action is get a coach. Get clear. Remove the block. That is action.

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