Personal Power

Lets talk all the ways women give up their personal power in the world.

Caretaking ourselves into the ground.

Not putting our oxygen masks on first. And I”m not talking about a day at the spa. I’m talking about deeply caring for your own self, body and soul. How this presents is a deeply held belief that if you care for yourself you will create hardship or suffering for someone else. You will be taking something away from someone else at best, hurting them deeply at worse. You will be judged as bad and rejected if you don't keep putting everyone over yourself and your deep need to feel fulfilled and happy. Can you feel your energy sink reading that?

Ignoring our instincts.

Knowing that something isn’t right for us, it’s NOT ok but not being able to speak it because of “what people might think” how they “might react”. Literally handing the keys to your own personal power to their whims and opinions. A little different than the first one, this one worries about other people's anger, of having people turn on you, any push back. You worry about upsetting the group, the family dynamic. 

Image control.

Yes, looking a certain way, keeping your house a certain way, dressing a certain way, speaking, acting - all to be accepted and not make waves. To hide the secret, the pain of what's really happening behind the facade. If you are creating an image to be accepted then at your core you believe you are not acceptable as yourself.  Pretending or complying isn't power. Fear of failure also falls under this because if we fail in public then we feel deep shame. So we don't risk anything where we can't be sure of the outcome.  It's too risky.  If we fail, people will see, the approval goes away and the shame enters.  None of this teaches you how to stand in your own power.  Its a cage.  And you will know it by how it feels.  It feels like emprisonment.  It feels like you are trapped, and you are.  But you are trapped by a pattern and a way of thinking.  This is really important to understand because you can shift a pattern and way of thinking.  It's possible to shift this.  And its much simpler than the pattern would have you believe.

Not speaking up for ourselves.

Not claiming our spot, not accepting compliments, not talking ourselves up, not wanting to appear “Too —insert anything here” too much, too bold, too loud, too rich, too smart. The list goes on and on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard women deflect a compliment with something negative about themselves. Have you been given a gift or had someone do something for you and you immediately return the favour so you are “even” not in debt? You leak your own power and energy when you can’t accept praise, acknowledgment, attention, love in the forms of service and gifts and most importantly - HELP. It’s like having a hole in your bucket, good stuff wants to come in but you either block it or leak it out.

These may sound different but the driving force underneath them is the same. Fear of what other people think. Fear of losing peoples approval. Fear of things getting uncomfortable. Fear of looking SELFISH and feeling GUILTY. All of these are fear of the other.


Piece by tiny piece we lose ourselves, our intuition, self esteem and peace of mind.

We give ourself away until we don’t have enough of ourself left to generate any power of self from. The most shocking part is we do it thinking its the right thing to do, we are supposed to loving, forgiving, kind, accepting, supportive arent’ we?

But what if I stop you right there and ask you, have you been those things to yourself? Remember? Oxygen mask first?

Does this sound like you? Are you so ready to shift these patterns? Can you feel your soul rise up, just a tiny bit at the chance to be heard? Are you ready to take your power back?

How it works

In this 6 week coaching course we first find out what form your power loss is taking. We get clear on what it is, the thoughts around it, it’s particular brand of fear, you will begin to notice all the ways you easily give your power away. It will shock you. You will see how unnecessary a lot of it is, old habits left over from childhood or your upbringing.

Then we drop into it (wait what?) yes we drop into it, it’s only trying to follow the rules you've been taught and keep you safe. It’s not an enemy and it might have some wisdom for you. Most things that don’t feel great usually do. We allow ourselves to get comfortable with the emotions that come up with this pattern of power loss. If we can befriend our emotions, we don’t have to run from them. Just like our thoughts we turn to watcher.

Learning to do this is a powerful tool.

Then in the last few weeks we practice putting on our oxygen mask first. You will practice acting and responding in ways that honour you. That align with your soul. You will be able to take the tools of watching the body and thoughts out into the world and put them into practice as you step by step begin to take your power back.

We will practice taking action aligned with our truth and detaching from the what ifs that the mind plays to stop and us and keep us safe but ultimately keep us small, stuck and powerless

I can tell you from personal experience and from client's experience, this is really deep work. It will shift how you show up in the world. And when you show up differently you get different results.

You will step back into yourself and magnetically call to you your power and the power to fulfill your dreams.  What was always meant for you, you can now create as you become your true self.  When we don't hide, love can find us, connection can find us, opportunity can find us.

Are you ready?
What's Included
  • 6 one on one hour long coaching sessions held weekly via phone or Skype
  • email support during our 6 weeks
  • simple exercises to be done at home tailored to you directly to block your energy leaks and practice standing in your power, and truth.  

When you stop living in fear of the other, you start living in joy for yourself

What are the benefits?

You will leave with Clarity, Clearing and Coaching tools you can continue to use and implement as you show up more and more in the world in your own power.

Clients report a feeling of coming home to themselves. A sense of safety that comes when you finally realized you can always handle what life dishes up.

The fear of the other gets exposed for what it is, a part of the human brain that gets programmed when we are very young to believe that what other people are thinking feeling or doing determines who you get to be, what you are allowed and not allowed to do. We expose this programming and it's power over your life.

What does this do for you? It gives you back your own power which allows you to create and receive in the world. When you stop living in fear of the other, you can start living in joy for yourself.

Investment: CAD 795

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What People are Saying

Angela has this amazing ability to be fully present and hold a sacred space that I felt like I could unfurl in and finally get to the bottom of some lifelong foundational cracks I’d been skating over for years. But here’s the kicker, it wasn’t an awful experience to delve in and shine a light on some old painful stuff. It was emotional yes, but Angela’s coaching has an element of calm and softness which meant shining a light on old thought patterns was liberating, not frightening. I would recommend Angela to anyone who is ready for a deep dive and wants to be expertly supported throughout the experience.

Renee Ballard

If you've been afraid to talk about your issues with someone because you're afraid that if you "go there" you'll fall apart, Angela is the one to do it with. She has the ability to support you every step of the way - starting from where you are now through to healing and then creating what you want in your life.

Angela will have you seeing things in a whole new light. She brings the clarity! You'll finally be able to uncover the root of your issues and see the path forward to breaking free of them. Then she'll help you walk that path to reclaim your personal power. No more being stuck or feeling like a victim of life!

Angela is very empathetic, patient, and extremely intuitive. You will finally feel heard, understood, and have a space to express yourself and work through what's been holding you back from the life you want.

Sara L. Young

Angela, you have so found your calling. You made an incredible positive difference in my life in just 2 sessions. I'm excited to see where this journey takes you. You are a true healer.

Sarah Acuri

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Before booking your session, pleas read my Coaching Agreement & Policies here (this link will open in a new tab). Then send the agreement & come back to this page to schedule your session. 

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