Individual One on One Intensive Session

"Inside all of us is the power to change the world" ~Ronald Dahl
Sometimes we just need some quick deep dive support.

This option is for my fellow coaches or people who have their tools in place, and work them regularly but just need a session to get unstuck.  You don't want or you are unsure if you need an in-depth package, you just need clarity and the support of a session to point you in a direction, clear up the overwhelm, to see underlying patterns and or blocks or even to  just to raise your vibration.  

Don't underestimate the power of a single session.  Here is a review after I did one session with someone who had never been coached before

"This session was enlightening for me and brought me understanding and peace and acceptance for things I’ve spent a lifetime living with! So many thanks to you for all of that!"  RH

Things can shift and become really clear after a single session, especially if you have done it before and have your own tools you can bring to what is revealed in the session.

It's also a great place to start before you decide to work with me on a more regular basis.

These sessions are for;

Someone who is familiar and had coaching before, or someone looking for clarity around one area of less than ideal situation playing out in their life.   

Someone who prefers to self pace their coaching.

Someone who is ready to be vulnerable and open right from the start so we can dive deep

Someone with a support network in place

Someone who wants to try coaching for the first time

These sessions are not for;

Someone who wants to really shift a pattern in their life and needs ongoing support

Someone who has a tight budget as package coaching is the more affordable option in the long run

Someone who is guarded and takes more time to warm up and feel safe allowing them show their authentic selves.

When we are stuck, it is up to us how long we stay there before we get clarity about why we are stuck and what needs to happen to be freed.

Areas we can address in a session

We can address any family, relationship, financial or interpersonal areas that you are feeling unhappy with.

Are you always problem solving in your family of origin, maybe to the point where it affects your relationship to your own family?

Are you overspending but don't know why?

Does a friend make you feel bad over and over but you don't know how to handle it?

You aren't in the relationship that makes you happy and you aren't sure why not?

Are you unclear about the next steps to take and have hit a road block?

These are just some examples of the type of things that can benefit from a  coaching session.


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Before booking your session, pleas read my Coaching Agreement & Policies here (this link will open in a new tab). Then send the agreement & come back to this page to schedule your session. 

What People are Saying

Angela has this amazing ability to be fully present and hold a sacred space that I felt like I could unfurl in and finally get to the bottom of some lifelong foundational cracks I’d been skating over for years. But here’s the kicker, it wasn’t an awful experience to delve in and shine a light on some old painful stuff. It was emotional yes, but Angela’s coaching has an element of calm and softness which meant shining a light on old thought patterns was liberating, not frightening. I would recommend Angela to anyone who is ready for a deep dive and wants to be expertly supported throughout the experience.

Renee Ballard

If you've been afraid to talk about your issues with someone because you're afraid that if you "go there" you'll fall apart, Angela is the one to do it with. She has the ability to support you every step of the way - starting from where you are now through to healing and then creating what you want in your life.

Angela will have you seeing things in a whole new light. She brings the clarity! You'll finally be able to uncover the root of your issues and see the path forward to breaking free of them. Then she'll help you walk that path to reclaim your personal power. No more being stuck or feeling like a victim of life!

Angela is very empathetic, patient, and extremely intuitive. You will finally feel heard, understood, and have a space to express yourself and work through what's been holding you back from the life you want.

Sara L. Young

Angela, you have so found your calling. You made an incredible positive difference in my life in just 2 sessions. I'm excited to see where this journey takes you. You are a true healer.

Sarah Acuri

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Before booking your session, pleas read my Coaching Agreement & Policies here (this link will open in a new tab). Then send the agreement & come back to this page to schedule your session. 

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