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Don’t Wait
Please. Don’t wait. I have this maxi dress, it’s super comfy, but it looks dressy. I feel amazing in it and it takes me 2 seconds to put it on. I wear it to the mall, the library, the airport, a lunch with girlfriends. Whenever the mood strikes me. I always hear 2 things when…
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How to attract something new
This post is a follow up to my Facebook live where I talked about tracking Unwanted outcomes as clues of subconscious patterns that block the creation of our desires. If you are not following me on Facebook, you should! As a follow up to what blocks us from creating something we want, or put…
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Where are you meeting people?
Today is the first day of robotics summer camp that will go for 5 days at our neighbourhood community centre.  Griffin LOVES all things electronic and programming and gaming.  The camp couldn’t be a better fit. When I first saw it was being offered I bookmarked it on Facebook so I could come back to…
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Realist? Or worrier…
This question fascinates me!  Lately the news is overwhelming.  Like really overwhelming.  I’m not going to go into examples but we get it, Trump, race, terrorist attacks, transrights and then just all the regular murder and mayhem and depressed economy. It seems like Facebook is no longer a place where people share their lives but…
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Are you willing to have people hate you?
I went to my favourite exercise class today. I got there early knowing it would be busy and I wanted to get a spot I felt comfortable in, (not too close, not too far away). Just as I predicted it was a crowded class but I was happy I had my spot and was comfortable.…
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How to track what is draining you and choose differently.
I hate Costco. And hate is a strong word. I used to love it. I used to love looking and buying all the “stuff” at such a good price. I used to like a lot of things I don’t anymore and my Costco membership is left over from what I refer to as old Angela.…
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