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Snake oil salesmen and how to spot em..
When I was a little kid there was a common evil character on TV of the snake oil salesmen.  The  guy who rolled up into town selling a magic elixir that would cure everything.  There was always someone in the audience who was the first who stepped up and claimed to be cured.  After that…
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Having Personal Power means setting boundaries
When I was a kid I felt like I didn’t get a lot of say in what I wanted in my life. I was taught in church, at home and at school what was required of me to be considered good and therefore likeable… acceptable even. No one taught me when it was ok to…
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Why being told to be nice all the time is disempowering.
I recently made a post on facebook about how I have a sarcastic sense of humour.  I do.  I also have a silly goofy sense of humour.  I have a bunch of parts to me and it’s taken me a long time to love myself just the way I am without feeling like I need…
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When your behaviour gets mirrored back to you
I want to share an experience I went through recently.  Its not easy to write about something so personal for all to read but healing comes when we are brave enough to show our true selves. Its just before Christmas and my husband and brother were texting back and forth about what to get their…
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Ready, Set, ACTION
I have a confession to make. Sometimes I think I am taking action when I am not. What do I mean by this? Well what I mean is that action is literally DOING something. Movement, something measurable. The definition of action is “something done or performed; act; deed”. Ok so here is the interesting part.…
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Self sabotage, what does it really mean
I have been wanting to lose some weight and have been “working” on it for quite some time. In the last day or two I’ve had a break through. I was able to really see the patterns that have been at play SUBCONSCIOUSLY for a while now. One of the ways I help clients create…
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