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Look for the patterns..
Happy Sunday! How is everyone doing lately? Personally these last few months have been a time of deep healing AND learning to master new skills.   Usually when I go into a deep healing or growth cycle, it begins with a prompting and desire to do something that doesn’t alway fit in with what I…
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Less than
Today I woke up exhausted.  Whenever I wake up exhausted and near tears before my feet hit the floor I know that I’ve pushed myself too hard AND there is something deep inside of me asking to be seen and heard. It was a panicky, grieving energy and I started to inquire.  I do this…
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So you think you set boundaries do you?
To be in your personal power you have to be able to set boundaries.  Personally and professionally I’ve been on a quest for about the last 5 years to completely re-haul my own personal life  through this sacred tool of boundary setting.  To identify what is and isn’t ok with me, communicate that and set…
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Why how you show up in the world affects your sex life.
I like to listen to podcasts when I drive and the other day I was queuing up my selections when I noticed mine and my husbands accounts had synced and all his subscriptions were on my list.  This is annoying.  It makes it so I have to scroll through his stuff to find mine, but…
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Pain, trauma, healing and the nervous system.
So an interesting thing happened to me today and I want to share it (even tough it’s extremely personal) just in case an eagle might be reading this. Hold on, it will soon make sense. I am participating in a course at my son’s school on how to work with and manage anxiety because a…
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I’m on my second round of a 29 day giving challenge and some interesting things happen over and over.  So for those of you that have no idea what a giving challenge is, let me explain.  For 29 days I am challenged with giving something (time, money, support, presence, donations, kind words, attention, you name…
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