Hi you! Welcome.

I'm an intuitive life coach and a born listener/healer. 

I'm here if you want to talk, make a plan, work through some stuff, or work on loving your body and life  exactly the way it is. Everything is connected, so my approach is to meet you right where you are and see what comes up.  

I believe we all hold our own answers, sometimes it just takes someone to guide us to them.  

My Story

Ever since I was young people would tell me what was most troubling them. Sometimes in a confessional tone, sometimes as -matter of fact. This was just normal to me. It’s how things always were.

However because i had no tools and no clear understanding of what was going on it became overwhelming for me, I would hurt when I saw friends trapped in what I could see was a negative pattern. I used to listen and council them to not do (insert Pattern here). I didn’t understand why they didn’t just stop. It created heart break for me and upset for them as they couldn't JUST STOP.

And so I began my journey

I went on to get a Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in  Sociology. But I still hadn’t linked up my purpose to my education. I entered the rat race and believed like everyone else that the key to success was to be SUCCESSFUL.

I never once stopped to asked what did that mean and more importantly what did it mean for me. I worked a lot in sales, real estate and mostly felt entirely overwhelmed by everyone's needs and emotions around me. I felt responsible for everyone's well being from my boss, to co workers to clients.


I knew there was something more out there, something calling me.


I started a family and pulled back from this effort of trying to be successful and turned all my attention on my family. And I continued to be SUCCESSFUL here, which played out pretty much the same way. Trying to make sure everyone was taken care of physically, mentally and emotionally.

I had times when I struggled. I had no idea how much peoples expectations, social rules, my own belief system and culture was affecting my ability to create a life I loved where I was the one deciding what was and wasn't ok for us. 

After a period of time I could feel a pull that there was more out there.

One of the cultured beliefs i was raised with that to be SUCCESSFUL you had to look a certain way and i had thrown myself behind this belief my whole life. It led me to into holistic nutrition which really was the starting point on my own transformation story. I learned that people actually ate to heal and nurture their bodies, not to just look a certain way. It was mindblowing.

But it wasnt’ until in my studies in nutrition when we started a component on energy healing that things really changed. I felt something inside me awaken, something that had been asleep for a long time, wake up, almost like an alarm had gone off. Shortly after graduation with honours in holistic nutrition i knew there was something more out there, something calling me.

I attended a Dr Martha Beck retreat and felt myself crack wide open and this desire to understand this thing she taught called “Life Coaching.”

A New Chapter

As is typical with a hero’s journey there were lots of stops and starts. I enrolled in a Life coach training program at home (for very practical reasons of location and cost) that as soon as it started i knew wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I nearly gave up. I was so disheartened to hit this dead end. But i didn't give up, I went back to what was calling me and then after attending yet another Martha Beck event I decided to enrol in her Life coaching training program (which I had previously talked myself out of because of the cost) and everything came together.

It was exactly where I was supposed to be teaching me the tools I needed to learn but also how to use my unique talents in service of the people I coach. Now I understood why people brought me their stories of pain and unhappiness, their worry.
And now I had tools for and a clear understanding of my roll in other’s hero journeys. I no longer am overwhelmed, I am empowered. And I am here to help empower you.

I didn’t understand then what I understand now, being a compassionate witness and personal life coach is very much a calling. I feel things deeply. I’m intuitive, empathic. I am very much an agent of assisting peoples growth, freedom and  transformations, in the form of helping them in taking back their power.

I work with women who are healers in their own right, empaths, deeply caring but trapped. Trapped in loss of personal power, trapped in an emotional state, trapped in a subconscious pattern of behaviour.

this is my calling

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